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Improvments on PDF Reader

The PDF Reader needs some improvments:

- Please make it faster and more fluid (both when openning documents and when scrolling through pages)
- Make the highlighting tool more intuitive by allowing the user to select text and then highlight (the Apple iBook's way is really convenient in this regard) instead of drawing a rectangle!
- Also please make the highlighting feature compatible to other apps, so if I import a pdf document with some highlighted text, done in say adobe reader, the colwiz reader should be able to recognise that and allow me to edit/remove it like the native highlighting feature.

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  • Kshitij Jerath commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Some old documents do not render properly after adding annotations. Additionally, improving the readability of PDF documents may help. The PDF readability for most documents is found to be better in most standard browser plugins as compared to the Colwiz Reader.

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