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Have one paper in multiple folders

I came from Mendeley due to their lack of an android app, but I miss the ability to have a single paper in multiple folders.
As papers often span multiple topics it makes sense to allow them to be in multiple categories. This is especially useful for librarys that contain large numbers of papers and searching by keywords is not efficent.
As far as implimentation, I think mendeleys is quite nice - having a paper selected also shows the other folders it is in by having them lightly highligted on the left column.

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Eric Johlin shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
Adminwizdom.ai Team (Admin, colwiz) responded  · 

First off, we’re really glad you took interest in colwiz and tried it out. Always a pleasure to have users shift to our platform and help us improve through their feedback.

The feature you’re requesting is already present in our desktop application though. Just select the desired publication(s) and right-click and select “copy to” in the resulting menu. Do you think there is a way to further improve this functionality? Do let us know about it and keep those ideas coming :)


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