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More powerful search function accross the entire app

I think BOTH the web-based app and desktop app need more powerful search across the entire article database; article keywords, abstracts, publication notes, text within the PDFs, internal PDF notes/highlights, etc. The internal PDF search is good for a single PDF, but this functionality needs to work in search for all available articles and content. As a writer/researcher I'm tying together ideas/notes from hundreds of articles and these need to be instantly searchable alongside the article content.

Google Drive is the only app that can satisfy this search requirement. If colwiz could take that functionality, or integrate with google drive, colwiz would be one powerful research management program.

On a side note, It seems that colwiz is doing a lot of things very well, but the potential failure of this app, which I've seen a hundred times over, is an app trying to be everything. It seems that colwiz is trying to be a reference management, project management, social network, event managing, task managing, storage solution, and more. There are already plenty of powerful apps for all these purposes -- EXCEPT a modern reference management app which is what is needed most IMO. If colwiz tries to take the place of 10 different apps its likely to fail at all of them. I hope you guys can focus your efforts on the core concept here, which appears to be a world-class research management app.

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Firstly, thank you for your valuable comments, such feedback is integral to continuous improvement of our software. Our search function is undergoing substantial modification at present. Currently we are focusing on expediting database searches to minimise delays when users search and add new references to their colwiz Library. This process is nearing completion, at which point we aim to incorporate more of the search functionality you describe, into both our Desktop and Web applications.

Regarding your side note, we agree that several companies fail to the hit mark by trying to address too many concerns through one application. However, we believe our core objective, which aims to accelerate research by providing reference management, collaboration and productivity features in an all-in-one workspace environment, will help save researchers time by not having to switch between applications. We recognise that some of our core features still require refinement, and are working hard to implement the changes suggested by our members.

colwiz Team


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