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  1. abandoned task label

    Dear Colwiz team,

    I just did a follow-up on the lower ranks of my task list - and just realized that there are some projects I did not follow through and subsequently abandonned (for various reasons).
    Is it possible you add a feature abonned tasks? It would allow to keep track of them and would help with a better self-assessment on one#s project realization-rate...

    Thanks! Anna

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    That really would be a cool feature, we agree. Our team is constantly looking at different alternatives to improve tracking and delegations of tasks and we shall definitely take this idea into consideration too.

    Currently you can still keep track of over-due tasks by searching your tasks list and sorting by date and overdue tasks will show up with a red indicator on their due dates.

    You do make a strong case with your opinion as there should be some notification given to the user when their tasks get over due. Thanks for the feedback! :)

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