How to add attached files and content?

Select a publication to which you want to attach a file then click on the Files tab in its detail panel. Click on the "+" button to add, attach and upload files for this Publication. You can also drag and drop files to the drop area. The attached files are displayed in the list. You can choose the default manuscript file for this publication by selecting it.

Any attached file will be automatically uploaded and synced on the colwiz server. If you log in from another PC or web Library, you will be able to see those files. Files that have not been downloaded to the system are identified with a grayed out icon. 

Also note that any file that exceeds the maximum file size will be marked as "Offline File" and will not be synced across different PCs. Additionally, if you exceed the total storage quota, your Publication will be marked offline for online sync of files. You can view the storage statistics by clicking on the "Settings" button on the bottom right corner.

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