How to view and use Analytics?

Analytic data is computer and can be viewed by clicking on the "View analytics" button on the top right corner of the Library. 

  • Summary
    • You can see overview statistics of all publications in your library. 
  • Link Explorer
    • Link explorer shows your completely library as a graph. You can select an author or journal from the left hand side, which will bring publications published by a particular author or published in a journal. Double click on a publication in the graph to expand both authors and source for that publication. 
  • Timeline
    • Click on an author or journal in the left panel to see the publication timeline. Add multiple authors to compare publication timelines to spot missing publications in your library or to see publication-timeline correlations between the timelines of collaborating researchers. You may also change the colours of graphs and change the year range to zoom in to a particular area of a publication timeline. 

Analytics are available in the desktop version of colwiz Library only. This feature is not yet implemented in the Library on colwiz website. 

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