How to find and attach PDF files from web?

The most convenient way to find and attach files to Publications in your library is by using the Automatic find and attach feature of colwiz Library. Simply click on the "Find and Attach" button on the top left of colwiz Library (desktop version) and it will scan the web for proper PDF files and attach them with the Publications in your Library.

To automatically Find and attach a PDF for a single publication, click on a single publication to see the details on the right hand side. You can click on the Find and Attach PDF icon on the left side of the publication listing or in the details panel to find a PDF for a single publication. The PDF will be downloaded and attached to the publication and a clip icon will appear in the publication listing and on the thumbnail in the details panel. The icon will change to the processing icon while the Library tries to find the manuscript file online.

You can always click on the Search Online icon in the publication details panel. This brings results from the internet using Google Scholar. You can click on a link to a publication to go to the publisher's or author's website and locate the PDF file, which will be downloaded and attached the publication.

You can also go to Files tab in the right panel to see the attached files. Here you can see links to the publisher's website and direct PDF links. You can click on a PDF link to download a PDF or click on a publisher's website link to go to publisher's site. 

Searching for files online and attaching them is a feature that is available in the desktop version of colwiz Library only. 

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